Chateau de la Colaissiere

Loire Valley, France

Château de La Colaissière is a 15th century neo-gothic castle built on 12th century medieval fortifications 395 km West of Paris (approx. 2 hr. by high speed train). The castle has magnificent meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 150 seated. There is a 4-star restaurant on site, heated swimming pool, tennis court and bocce ball court, all set on 40 acres of verdant land in the Western Loire Region.

Château de La Colaissière is a four-star luxury property in the quiet, undisturbed French countryside not far from the Loire River. The château has 16 luxurious bedrooms (sleeping up to 38 guests) in the main castle, all with private en-suite bathrooms. Each bedroom is exquisitely furnished with a combination of French-sourced antiques and tapestries, hand-made upholstery and sumptuous bedding. Sleep like royalty on luxurious imported high-end pillow-top mattresses, goose down duvets and pillows and Egyptian cotton linens. (Individual butler service available on request).

There are two impressive Grand Salons in the main castle, each one accommodating up to 40 people. The grand salons are adorned with 15th century stone-carved monumental fireplaces, hand-painted ceilings, oak parquet flooring and lead-ribbed windows. There is also a magnificent Knight’s Hall, which can seat 100 or more people. The Knight’s Hall has a truly spectacular oak-beamed cathedral ceiling, a gorgeous monumental fireplace and steps out onto a terrace overlooking the courtyard and moat. The Knight’s Hall makes a breathtaking backdrop for that special banquet or reception.

Colaissière boasts a medieval wine cellar with an excellent selection of wines from the Loire region, a selected stock of Grand Cru’s and vintages from Bordeaux and Bourgougne. The castle also boasts a warm and inviting dining room that seats over 40 people, a breakfast room and full-service professional kitchen serving local gastronomic delights. We offer high-end catering services to accommodate any size group and we would be happy to create a custom menu; everything from signature breakfasts and picnic lunches to dinner banquets to exclusive wine and cheese tastings, cooking demos and theme dinners.

The château grounds include a wet moat, front and rear drawbridges, a beautiful and serene saltwater pool, tennis and bocce ball court and truly tranquil areas to stroll and enjoy.

Our General Manager is fluent in English and French and has extensive experience from impressive five-star international properties, in event planning and hotel management. The General Manager and staff are knowledgeable about the Château, its surrounding area and local attractions and would be happy to assist you or your group with travel plans.

The estate offers daily maid service, laundry facilities, satellite television, internet access, phone service and minibars in each room and ample parking. We invite you to plan your private retreat at Château de La Colaissière. It's unsurpassed charm.unique character, and rich history will be a magical setting for you and your guests.

Local Attractions

Located in the diverse Western Loire region in France, the area surrounding Colaissière offers a wealth of attractions for its guests. Whether you crave intriguing culture, local wines, exciting festivals and events, animated cities, charming French villages, gastronomic delicacies or fantastic shopping, there is something for everyone around Château de La Colaissière.

Châteaux of the Loire – 45 km from Château de La Colaissière
Meandering through the gorgeous countryside of France is the famous Loire River, home to thousands of medieval and renaissance châteaux. Take a step back through history and learn about the fascinating histories and secrets of these ancient edifices. Although there are too many to name, some of the main highlights in the area include Château de la Brissac, Château d’Angers, Château de Montreuil-Bellay, Château de Chinon and Château de Saumur.

Vineyards – 5 km from Château de La Colaissière
Muscadet is the main white wine form the Western Loire region. Coming form the Muscadet grape, this white wine is dry and light and is a perfect companion for seafood. Around Nantes, you can find a number of wine cellars that produce the famous Muscadet wine. Muscadet Côtes de Grand-Lieu, Muscadet Côteaux de la Loire, Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine are the regions which produce the finest Muscadet wines. Also, take advantage of the “Route Touristique des Vignobles”, a trail intended for tourists to explore the different wines of the region such as the Saumur Brut, Anjou, reds and rosés, amd many more.

Loire River – 5 km from Château de La Colaissière
The surrounding towns around Colaissière are quaint, yet rich with heritage, history and culture. Ancenis boasts a 15th century medieval fortress on the banks of the Loire River and the 16th-17th century Saint Pierre town church. The town is also home to a few local wineries, which opens its doors for daily tastings. In Champtoceaux, walk through the ruins of the 15th century citadel and discover its intriguing past. Also check out the medieval water mill and river toll at the banks of the Loire. Wander through the small medieval alleyways in Oudun, a charming village with a château that has a unique polygonal watchtower.

Atlantic Coast – 100 km from Château de La Colaissière
White sandy beaches await you on the Atlantic Coast for a change of scenery. Visit one of the glamorous seaside resorts of La Baule, St-Jean-des-Monts or Les Sables de’Olonne for beautiful villas and upscale restaurants serving local seafood and delicacies. Indulge in some seawater therapy at one of the many seaside spas. Massages, whirlpools, self-heating mud masks and algae wraps are among some of the many treasures from the ocean that are used to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. For the more active, try sailing, jet-skiing, wind surfing, sand yachting, canoeing, surfing, and scuba diving.

Nantes – 34 km from Château de La Colaissière
Nantes is the largest city within the Western Loire Region. The Château des Ducs de Bretagne, complete with a moat and ramparts, was built in the 15th century and acted as a residence for the Dukes of Brittany. Nearby, the medieval Bouffay quarter retains its old-city charm with ancient half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets and is dominated by the impressive gothic Saint Pierre Cathedral. The Passage Pommeraye is a testament to the neoclassical 19th Century. This indoor mall and shopping center is lavishly decorated and houses a number of boutique stores and chic shops. With the Atlantic coast nearby, the restaurants in Nantes serve fresh regional specialties from the sea. Nantes hosts a number of exciting and animated festivals, such as its summer music festival along the Erdre River.

Angers – 73 km from Château de La Colaissière
Situated along the Loire River is the medieval town of Angers, a town rich in history, culture, and heritage. The medieval castle sits atop the historic town and watches over the peaceful streets. The château of Angers was built during the reign of Louis IX, between 1240 and 1250 and boasts 17 towers, medieval gardens and is truly a sight to behold. The château houses the priceless series of tapestries known as the Apocalypse, which date from 1375-81 AD. The collection totaled 105 individual tapestries and represented an over-all length of 551 feet by 19 feet high. Angers is a must see in the Western Loire region.

Saumur – 139 km from Château de La Colaissière
Saumur is the military and equestrian center of France and is located 1h30 from Château de La Colaissière. It is home to the National Riding School, the Cadre Noir, which is well known for its excellence in horsemanship. The school has shows for its visitors in which the students display their incredible skills in equestrian. The city’s magnificent castle was once home to the Dukes of Anjou and today sits on the banks of the Loire River. Be sure to visit some of the many troglodyte dwellings located in Saumur and its environs. These caves have been carved out of limestone cliffs many years ago, and today, are used as wine cellars, restaurants, mushroom farms and art galleries. Saumur is a wonderful historic town and well worth the visit.

During your sojourn at Château de La Colaissière, we want to make sure that your time in France is well spent. Why not take advantage of its stunning cities, beautiful surroundings, and intriguing secrets & treasures? Allow our friendly staff at Château de la Colaissière to make your arrangements so that you can discover all of which is la Belle France.

Bike Tours – The Loire River is a great place to start your biking adventure. With hundreds of natural and historical treasures, there will never be a shortage of things to see.

Helicopter Rides – Get a birds eye view of Château de La Colaissière and its environs. Helicopter rides departing from the castle grounds offer you a unique perspective of Château de La Colaissière and the Loire Region.

Wine Tastings – Allow us to arrange a personalized wine tasting for you and your group. You will be able to see the vineyards, explore the underground wine cellars, learn the extensive process of winemaking and best of all, taste the finished product. A special vintners dinner can also be arranged in Château de La Colaissière’s ancient wine cellar.

Horseback Riding – Saddle up to explore the magical countryside around the château. Let the horses be your tour guide through beautiful landscapes while breathing in the fresh countryside air.

Golf – Allow us to schedule your tee time at one of the golf courses in the region. Surrounded by history and enchanting surroundings, you will have a unique golfing experience.

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