Our favorite European destinations for the seasoned traveler

Posted: February, 02 2015

Check out our favorite less-known destinations that are perfect for the traveler who has already hit up all of the marquee cities in Europe.

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Small & Elegant Hotels: Not your typical travel company

Posted: January, 19 2015

At Small & Elegant Hotels we like to think we aren’t your typical travel booking company.  We take pride in knowing we bring a very personal touch to an experience that nowadays is often very impersonal.

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Italians villas in Tuscany: the perfect winter retreat

Posted: January, 08 2015

The winter is actually considered the low season for Italy tourism, making it a great time to explore Italy’s top destinations like Rome or Venice and temperatures this time of year are mild in the 50s and 60s. For others who don’t want to play tourist in a big city and are looking for a true escape, the Italian countryside has all you’ll need and more.

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Highlights of Provence

Posted: December, 10 2014

Many times, after all the marquee destinations throughout Europe have been visited, admired and tasted, travelers yearn to experience parts of Europe beyond the city’s reach—meandering roads through grassy fields and orchards, quaint towns that appear frozen in time, and a way of living that is simple and quiet and beautiful.

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Wouldn’t you rather be in Provence?

Posted: December, 08 2014

Provence is a region we receive requests for often. It's a favorite destination amongst American travelers and for good reason.

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With weather this miserable, don’t you deserve to be somewhere else?

Posted: November, 18 2014

Instead of hunkering down and dealing with the cold from now until next spring, how about planning a little bit of a getaway instead?

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Christmas in Paris

Posted: November, 07 2014

Have you ever thought about spending the holidays abroad? A trip with just your immediate family in a new and exciting foreign city where you can explore the trappings of the town together during one of the most magical times of the year.

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Nancy & Jason Bellush travel to Bellagio and beyond

Posted: November, 03 2014

October was full of travels for Small & Elegant Hotels International owners Nancy and Jason Bellush. During the whirlwind trip, the pair visited hotels in Milan, Bellagio, Provence, Santa Margherita and London.

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Enjoy special offers at three of London’s best hotels

Posted: October, 23 2014

When staying in London, there are few places as as elegant and beautiful as the hotels in the Doyle Collection and lucky for our clients, Small & Elegant Hotels works with all three--Bloomsbury, Kensington and Marylebone and for a limited time only, you can enjoy exclusive savings when you book a stay at any one of these three prestigious hotels through Small & Elegant Hotels.

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More travelers squeezing hotel inventory

Posted: October, 09 2014

When it comes to booking rooms for vacations to the world's most sought after locations like Rome, Venice, Florence, Paris or London, it's best to book early. These destinations are not only popular to American travelers, but to travelers all over the world.

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"I will use your services in the future. I appreciate all of your time working with me-certainly we will meet again"

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