Hotel Villa Clementina (outside Rome on Lake Bracciano)

Southwestern Tuscany, Italy

Hotel Villa Clementina is a magnificent country residence situated on the Bracciano Lake in the heart of the Etruscan region, 30 km north of Rome.  Quiet and elegant Villa Clementina is the ideal spot to spend completely regenerating stays, cuddled by the sweet, relaxing embrace of nature.  The hotel also features a swimming pool. 

The owner, Dimitri Bonetti, has created a true artists haven, enhancing all the villas minute details and dedicating each of the 7 bedrooms to a particular them (old roman house, the lake's vegetation, the medieval area, etc).  The richness of beautiful architectural and decorative choices perfectly shows the special attention reserved to all guests by the owner and his staff.

The restaurant offers rich and genuine Italian cooking with local producers, pizza's made in a traditional wooden oven.  After dinner music, ample space for reading or a game of billiards.

In the verdant acre garden, between various sporting equipment, there is a 6 by 12 meters swimming pool decorated with roman mosaic style, am impressive tennis hard court and a bowling green.

A particular aspects of the Villa Clementina is the art school organizing on a weekly basis courses in water painting with open air on site classes in the roman countryside under the keen eye of professional artists; in the large Atelier organized lessons of portrait painting, still life, ceramic design and other artisan works.   During summertime painting lessons we held in the suggestive scenery of Montemerano, where the dreamy atmosphere of century old history pleasantly surrounds all guests.

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Classic Double Room 
From 145 Euros/night
Superior Junior Suite 
From 200 Euros/night
Senior Suite 
From 225 Euros/night
*Rates include VAT, Service, Breakfast, and use of the private swimming pool.

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