Planning Your Paris Food Experience

Posted: January, 10 2019

When planning your trip to Paris, it’s just as important to map out your food adventure as it is to choose your hotel and coordinate visits to museums and historical sites. 

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Avoid a vacation nightmare! Book your apartment, villa or hotel through Small & Elegant Hotels Intl!

Posted: July, 11 2017

Independent vacation rentals owned by ordinary people looking to rent out a spare bedroom or entire apartment/property have been a growing trend in the past few years thanks to online bookers like airbnb. While this certainly provides more options for the consumer, it isn’t without its risks. This is why booking through a trusted source is extremely important!

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Boutique Hotel:  Maybe!

Posted: February, 22 2016

Sometimes the best authentic accommodations option is not the boutique hotel.

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Learn more about the 5 villages of Cinque Terre

Posted: April, 16 2015

Cinque Terre is a part of Italy we've been working hard to add to our portfolio and in the past month, we've added several amazing hotels and B&Bs from this lovely region. If you've never heard of Cinque Terre, it is made up of five seaside villages perched in the steep hills of the coastline.


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5 top reasons to visit the 5 lands of the Cinque Terre – come explore with us!

Posted: April, 08 2015

Situated on a rugged portion of coast in the Italian Riveria, Cinque Terre, Italy is a breathtaking area comprised of five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. These villages, along with surrounding hills and coastline, are a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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5 new hotels in Cinque Terre, Italy!

Posted: April, 03 2015

Now our valued clients at Small & Elegant Hotels can experience Cinque Terre for themselves with five new hotels and Bed & Breakfasts recently added to our vast portfolio!

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There’s no better family vacation than one at an italian villa

Posted: March, 23 2015

Private villas are the perfect option for families as they provide ample space, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchens, tons of amenities and plenty of privacy. They are truly the closest you can get to a home away from home.

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Royal Park Hotel In London and Small & Elegant Hotels partner for an exclusive promotion!

Posted: March, 16 2015

The Royal Park Hotel in London epitomizes boutique. Small with big service, well-located and truly authentic. Small & Elegant Hotels has been working with Royal Park for many years and fresh for the 2015 travel season, the two partners have developed a program with you in mind!

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Now is the time to plan your next great family vacation

Posted: February, 27 2015

Many of the fondest family memories are created on family vacations when everyone gathers to share an amazing adventure together. If such a vacation is in your spring or summer plans, the best time to start preparing is now.

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Hundreds of serviced-apartments added to the Small & Elegant Hotels portfolio

Posted: February, 18 2015

Just in time for the peak European travel planning season, Small & Elegant Hotels has finalized a partnership that will provide our clients access to hundreds of serviced-apartments in the destinations that you request the most including Rome, Paris and London.


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"I just have to tell you that I have been a huge fan of your Small and Elegant Hotels for a long time, and have consulted your catalog and now your...

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